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Regular dental and hygiene visits are vital for healthy teeth and gums!

Regular visits to our Thame dentists and hygienists help us keep on top of your dental health and allow us to spot any potential issues early, before they become painful or more costly to treat.

If the eyes are windows to the soul, our mouths are windows to our overall wellbeing. Severe problems with our gums have been scientifically linked to all manner of conditions, from diabetes and heart disease, to strokes, bacterial lung infections and problems with pregnancy.

Inflammation that is otherwise hidden inside our bodies can be seen in our gums, so please don’t ignore any changes to the health of your mouth - book in to see the dental team at Park Street Dental Clinic immediately.

Dental professionals are well trained in the early identification of problems, including mouth cancer, which if caught promptly can hugely increase our chances of survival. Early diagnosis is essential and research suggests that if caught quickly the chances of survival are 90%.

The signs and symptoms include:

• Visible changes in the skin on the lips.

• Open sores.

• A red patch that becomes crusty, itchy, or bleeds.

• Lumps or wart-like growths.

• A pale or white skin area that looks like a scar.

Caring for our mental health

Poor dental health, gum disease, gaps from missing teeth, discomfort, discoloured teeth, ill-fitting dentures and bridges and even a shift in the way your teeth bite together can cause mental health issues including social anxiety, difficulties with eating that affect our physical and mental wellbeing, and long-term pain that can wear us down. Please don’t suffer in silence, we can help.

Spread the cost

We understand that household budgets are being squeezed. You can spread the cost of your essential dental and hygiene visits into monthly instalments by joining our dental care plan. The Park Street Dental Patient Membership Plans also include exclusive member benefits and prices start from £12.86 a month. Please contact us for details.

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