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General Dentistry

At Park Street Dental Clinic we believe in preventing problems rather than just treating them as they occur.

Regular oral health care advice will be given to encourage you to keep teeth and gums healthy. As a result, you can reduce the amount of treatment needed. To ensure both you and your teeth receive the best care, you may also be advised to visit our hygienist.


Preventative Dental Care

The most effective way to keep on top of your oral health is to attend regular appointments with your dentist at least twice per year.

Dental treatment

When treatment is required, you can rest assured that we will always use the highest quality, longest lasting and most aesthetic materials and techniques.

Our friendly staff are committed to providing quality dental care, including information and motivation to help facilitate effective home-care by all members of the family.

As is often the case, ‘prevention is better than cure’. No matter how advanced a dental problem is there is normally always a way to deal with it. However it is always better to avoid the need for invasive and lengthy dental treatment- with a little extra care and attention in advance.

Oral health

By adopting a pro-active approach to your dental hygiene - including education regarding diet and useful dental hygiene products - some issues can be completely avoided, whilst others can be detected earlier and dealt with before they become too serious.

You should always brush your teeth twice a day. Floss, mouthwash and interdental brushes can also be used to make sure teeth and gums are completely clean. Disclosing solutions can show you if you have missed any spots.

Be aware of your diet and bear in mind that sugary items such as chocolates and sweets should be consumed in small quantities. If you do eat sweet items have them following a meal so that your mouth acids have a chance to neutralise afterward.

Dental Hygiene Treatments

Combined with a good oral hygiene routine - brushing and flossing twice per day - regular trips to the hygienist in between dental appointments are the best way of ensuring that your teeth stay healthy and strong.

Dental Hygiene

How it works

Our hygienists will help keep your mouth spotlessly clean and your gums healthy.The bacterial plaque that builds up between visits will be removed, ridding you of the plaque that contributes to decay, gum disease and bad breath; ensuring optimum health.

They are also experts at teaching you how to prevent build-up and poor gum health through effective daily home-care. The job of the dental hygienist is to professionally clean your teeth, ensuring that your mouth is fresh, healthy and free from tartar. Even with the best brushing routine at home it is impossible to stop the gradual build-up of plaque on your teeth- which continues daily. Without the regular removal of this tartar layer you are at a higher risk of developing gum disease.

Air polishing

If you want a brighter and whiter smile, we, at Park Street Dental offer you high-quality Air Polishing Treatment. A type of dental hygienist treatment, AirPolishing makes your teeth cleaner and whiter. Supervised and executed by our dental health experts, it is one of the teeth whitening services we recommend for better oral hygiene.

It is a technique developed to make your teeth whiter and cleaner for a flawless smile. The technique is recommended by oral health experts. It is a simple process that is also painless. In this process, a stream of sodium bicarbonate or glycine powders is exposed on the teeth, which is controlled by water or air pressure for accuracy and efficiency. Besides being safe, simple and painless, this technique of teeth cleaning is also very effective. With expertise, a dental professional works upon removing the stains, plaque and any other dental impurities with the stream of powder, pressurised with air or water.

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