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Children's Dentistry

Babies should be registered with a dentist at birth. A first visit should be scheduled for around 6 months of age - when the first teeth generally start to appear - and regular visits are recommended from then on to help ensure they are confident and relaxed.

It is important that children are educated regarding their diet and personal oral health as early as possible.

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Oral health for children

Start oral education early

Appointments from 6 months


As soon as their first teeth appear your child should be encouraged to brush twice a day– with supervision. A child should be able to brush their teeth independently from around 7 years of age.

Remember that fruit juice, squash and fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar and should be avoided. Sweets and chocolates should also be avoided. Milk and other high calcium products like yoghurt and cheese are ideal for building strong teeth and bones but should be included as part of a balanced diet.

It is recommended that bottles are avoided after 6 months and dummies after 1 year- in order to prevent developmental issues with the mouth. If in doubt speak to your dentist for more advice.

Children's Dental Plan

5-13yrs - £8.34  |  14-17yrs - £13.20

Once dentally fit, any of our patients aged 5-18yrs are eligible to join our “PsD Smiles” payment plan. The Plan includes all routine examinations and treatment by the dentist required to maintain good oral health.


We understand that your child’s dental needs change as they get older. Successfully managing those tricky teenage years especially, can be vital to ensuring good oral and dental health in adulthood.

From 14yrs:

  1. Includes an additional annual hygienist session

Children's fees

Child Dental Fees

New patient examinations:

0-15 yrs - £35.00

16-17 yrs - £60.00

Routine examinations:

0-4 yrs - Free

5-17 yrs - £35.00

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