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At Park Street Dental Clinic, we believe that maintaining a healthy smile should not be a financial burden. That’s why we have designed our dental payment plans to help you manage your dental treatment costs more effectively.


PsD Total Confidence

Our maintenance plan allows you to spread the cost of your routine appointments. Whatever the frequency of your examination and hygienist appointments, you can attend knowing that these appointments are already paid for.

If any treatment is required, members benefit from a 15% discount off our private fees.


PsD All Round Care

Our capitation plan allows you to spread the cost of your routine appointments, and also includes the majority of treatments.

Whatever your requirements, you can attend knowing that there will be no large unplanned treatment charges.


PsD Smiles

Our plans for children are designed with children’s oral health needs in mind. These plans include all routine and treatment needs required to maintain good oral health.


Finance options

If you prefer to pay for all of your treatment at each visit, but are then hit with a large unexpected treatment plan, you may be able to apply for finance to cover the costs. With a range of interest-free and interest-bearing options, we have options to suit all requirements.


For further information on all of our payment options, please contact our reception team.

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