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Love Your Smile

With Valentine’s Day coming up, why not show your smile some love.

Chew Sugar Free Gum

As well as freshening our breath for that Valentine’s Day smooch, chewing gum is good for your oral health. It helps to fight tooth decay by producing saliva, which in turn neutralises the acids in your mouth.

Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for us. As well as the negative effects on our general health, it causes bad breath, tooth staining and increases the chance of tooth decay.

Brighten Your Smile

Over time, our teeth get discoloured and stained through every day eating and drinking. Why not treat yourself to some at-home tooth whitening to brighten up that smile. Maintain Good Oral Health Habits

Maintaining good oral health habits will keep your smile in top shape for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Remember to brush twice a day for two minutes, and don’t forget to clean in between your teeth with Tepe brushes or floss as well.

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