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IMPLANTS – The answer to replacing missing teeth

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and can provide a secure anchor for dentures and bridges. They look, feel and function like real teeth.


Why should I get implants?

Dental implants are a safe, natural looking solution to missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures that not only produce wonderfully restored smiles but can also be beneficial to your overall oral health.

They can also eliminate problems associated with tooth loss or denture wear, such as low self-confidence, speech problems and chewing difficulties. Overall, implants are an excellent solution for anyone with missing teeth.


Improve your appearance

As implants act like natural teeth, they retain the structure of your jawbone and help prevent bone degeneration, so you can maintain a more youthful look.

Protect remaining teeth

Dental implants help to maintain a stable bite by keeping your other teeth in place. Traditional bridgework requires healthy teeth to be filed down, which can cause problems for gums or root canals and lead to further decay. Implants avoid this problem.

Easy to clean and comfortable

An implant is easier to clean and does not need an attachment that can cause damage to neighbouring teeth.

How long do implants last?

If you pay close attention to your oral health, there really is no reason why your implants shouldn’t offer a long lasting solution. To ensure their longevity, you need to treat them just like your natural teeth, which means plenty of brushing, flossing and making sure you keep up to date with your dental health examinations.

How much do implants in Thame cost?

Dental implant solutions at our Park Street dental practice in Thame start from £2800. Interest free finance is available.

I’m interested! What’s next?

Book an appointment to find out more about dental implants at Park Street Dental Clinic or call one of our helpful team on 01844 215404.

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