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Sympathetic Treatment For Nervous Dental

At Park Street Dental Clinic, we truly care about our patients’ wellbeing. This means that we will always do our very best to make even the most anxious patient feel relaxed and comfortable. We believe that every patient is a unique individual, with unique problems and concerns. Being in the dental chair and undergoing treatment can make a lot of people feel vulnerable and anxious.

Friendly And Comfortable Experience

We Take Care your Feelings

In fact, a degree of anxiety may even be considered normal under these circumstances. Our staff and dentists pride themselves on their ability to understand and empathise with anxious patients. We are here to listen to your needs and concerns, answer all your questions and explain every step of your treatment in a language that is easy to understand.

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Common problems for nervous dental patients:

I hate not being in control

At Park Street Dental Clinic, YOU are ALWAYS in control. We will never start treatment, even a check up, without your being ready. We will agree a signal you can give us, such as a raised hand, if you need us to stop what we are doing at any time. If you decide part way through an appointment that you have had enough for today, we will stop treatment. You can have absolute faith that you are in complete control of what is happening at all times.

I'm scared of needles

Lots of people have the same phobia, so you are not alone. We always try to use materials and techniques that do not need an injection if you are frightened of needles. If we feel that it is advisable that your teeth are numb before treatment, we will explain this to you. We can use a special gel to numb your gum first if you would like, and then our local anaesthetic injections are given gently and slowly so as to minimise discomfort.

I am embarrassed about how bad my teeth are

Attending that first appointment takes a lot of courage if you are nervous, especially if you suspect you need a lot of work. We applaud that courage, and we thank you for choosing us to help you on your way towards a healthy mouth and an amazing smile. We are proud of the fact that our success and reputation thrives on referrals from our existing patients. Many of our patients, who were once too nervous to go to the dentist, are now regular, confident attenders. See our Testimonials section.